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Why use our advanced smoothing treatment

As stylists, we know that dealing with dry, damaged, frizzy and/or naturally textured hair can be difficult. With that in mind, we have developed a keratin treatment that will restore shine, strength and manageability to your hair. How does KeraNutrients Advanced Keratin Treatment work?

With the environmental pollutants, stress from blow-drying and styling, it’s difficult for the cuticle layers that protect the natural keratin in the hair to remain intact. As the layers are disrupted, they begin to lift and expose the keratin protein, releasing it from the hair. This leaves porous areas throughout the hair strand. A keratin treatment infuses the good protein back into the hair and fills in those porous areas. As a result, the hair is shiny, more relaxed and manageable.

We strive, at KeraNutrients, to provide the highest quality smoothing experience for you and your client. We have formulated our keratin system in such a way that the application is simple for you and the maintenance is simple for your client. By using salon quality sulfate free and paraben free shampoos and conditioners, our treatment will have optimal long-lasting, smoothing results. Unlike other chemical services that produce a noticeable grow out line of demarcation, KeraNutrients Advanced Smoothing Treatment, gradually releases the product and offers an easy transition until the client needs another treatment.

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